Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lunch at House of Curry - Dubai, UAE

The Beach in JBR has opened for some time before my visit to Dubai last summer, and I also wanted to try House of Curry Indian restaurant.  The decor was beautiful and the food was so good.  I chose a table inside due to the hot sunny afternoon, but when the weather is nice like it is now, a table outside would be just perfect.
أنصح في مطعم هاوس اوف كاري اللي موجود في المشروع الجديد ذا بيج في جي بي آر.  في فرح ثاني في شارع بوليفارد لكن حبيت أجرب أزور مكان جديد.  الديكور والأكل والخدمة كلها كانت ممتازة.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Stay at Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa - UAE

I visited Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort last summer after eagerly awaiting to find time to try it out.  You don't get to find a lot of hotel in Dubai with private pools that aren't actually family villas or suites.  So I was really excited. Just to be disappointed. Sadly my experience was one of the worse I've had.  I had to wait 3:30 hours for my "vip" villa to be ready, so that was a day wasted.  The hotel was extremely busy, and it seemed to me that the staff was not very experience to handle pressure and that was surprising seeing that Anantara was a trusted hotel brand worldwide.  That was it, everything was okay after that.  The villa was a delight except for the fact that the pool was not so private. But I'm glad I have chosen the beach pool villa rather the in water villa as I hated how it was far from being private.  The water villas were cramped together and you could easily see your neighbors and the villas faced the beach (and our villas) rather than the sea!
سكنت في منتجع أنانترا النخلة في دبي الصيف الماضي.  مع اني كنت منتظرة اني أسكن في من سمعت انه فتح في دبي الا اني تحبطت من التجربة.  انتظرت 3-4 ساعات للفيلا انها تجهز مع اني كنت واصلة قبل وقت الدخول بساعة, كان في مقدورهم انهم يجهزونها في ساعة وراح نص اليوم من رحلتي القصيرة.  فيلا الشاطيء كانت حلوة لكن عيبها ان الحمام سباحة مكشوف وأي أحد يقدر يمر ويشوف.  لكني كنت محظوظة اني اخترت نوع الفيلا هذه ولا الفيلا اللي في البحر لأن اللي في البحر مكشوفة أكثر من ناحية أن فلل البحر متقاربة من بعض ومن السهل أن الجيران يشوفونك وثانيا الفلل تطل على فللنا والشاطئ بدل من البحر (عكس ما تعودنا عليع في المالديف).  للأسف قلة الخصوصية خربت تجربتي وكنت متوقعة ان فندق في دبي راح يتعب على الخصوصية في الغرف لأن الفنادق نادرة ما توفر حمام سباحة خاص للفيلا الا لفلل العوايل والسويت في الفناجق الأخرى.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thank You Appetite

I received a gift from a new business called Appetite that offers light breakfast and dinner options for gatherings and office.  They sent me a box of Black Lava dark and milk chocolate molten cups.  I loved it especially the milk chocolate molten topped with marshmallows.
طرشلي مشروع آبيتايت نقصة من حلو المولتن من نوعيت الككاو العدي والككاو الداكن.  

واتس آب 66534133

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Friend's Experience: Dinner at IDAM in Doha, Qatar

My friend took some pictures for my blog on her visit to IDAM Restaurant during her visit to Doha, Qatar in October.  The French haute cuisine restaurant, designed by Philippe Starck, opened its doors two years ago in the heart of one of Qatar's most prized jewel, the Museum of Islamic Art.

The menu: 
Spicy cod samosa
Lamb and fig rissoles
Chickpeas and lentils 'harira soup' topped with shredded coconut
Coco bean soup and shellfish
MArinated bonite fish with lemon-Gold caviar
Brocolli ravioli, wild red prawns
Local hammour, freekah, rose and barberry
Awais lamb, courgettes and cumin
Beverages: Healthy cucumber and Wild lavender
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