Saturday, July 4, 2015

Coffee Break at Cova - Milan, Italy

Having a shopping break or just having coffee and dessert at Caffe Cova in the fashionable Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Italy is a must.  Not a coffee person, I opted for hot chocolate instead, which I heard was really good.  I had a hard and a took a rather long time to decide on what to have for dessert!  Everything looked so good! So my decision was made based on the waiter's recommendations and it was a great choice indeed.  Would definitely go again and try breakfast or something else.  The place was decorated in a decor that was made for old times, and its the perfect setting for this cafe.I would have taken photos of the interior but it wasn't allowed so I quickly got a shot of my order before getting caught. A bit of history, Cova was established in 1817 in Piazza della Scala and it relocated after the war in the 1940s to its current address.

أنصح يزيارة مقهى كوفا أثناء التسوق في شارع الأزياء المشهور شارع فيا مونتي نابوليوني في مدينة ميلانو.  كوني ما حب أشرب القهوة اخترت طلب الككاو الساخن وهو ايضا مشهور عندهم.  خذيت مدة طويلة في اختيار الحلو لأن كل شي كان شكله حلو وطلبت المساعدة من القرسون ونصحني بنوعين واخترنا وكان صج لذيذ.  ما قدرت أصور وايد لأن كان ممنوع لكن الديكور كان حلو وقديم من بداية القرن العشرين.  تاريخ المقهى يعود الى ان تم انشاءه عام 1817 في ساحة لا سكالا وتم تغيير مكانه بعد الحرب الى مكانه الحالي
Address: Via Monte Napoleone 8

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Around Piazza del Duomo - Milan, Italy

I have mentioned some of the things to do in the city of Milan in my first trip a few years ago and on this trip I had the chance to go up to the rooftop of Duomo Cathedral, something I didn't have the chance to do before.  Taking the stairs was out of the question, so I got the lifts ticket to the top which included a visit to the main cathedral.  Even though I went in before, a visit in the early morning, a time when the place was tourist free was not to be missed.  So I had plenty of time to check out the inner design.  Going to the top was spectacular, you had a better vision of the gothic detailing of the architecture plus the nice view of the piazza.  There were a few stairs which one had to use to move around the roof and to my delight on the time of my visit there was artisitic sculptures around the premises and especially on the rooftop by the English sculptor Tony Cragg.  

After the Duomo, I went to Palazzo Reale, which was just a few steps away, for Leonardo da Vinci's exhibition, which I have had the hotel concierge book for me a couple of days ahead.  It had some of the Da Vinci's notable works that were found in other museums like the British museum and privately owned pieces like the one the Queen of England owned.  Exhibition will be on display until August 23rd, 2015.

Later, while in nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, I got some great guides from Rizzoli bookshop, then head to nearby smaller piazza, Piazza della Scala, where there are benches that were arranged around the monument of Leonardo da Vinci.  The moument faced La Scala Theater.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Visiting Lake Como and Surroundings - Italy

One of the activities one can do while visiting Milan, Italy is taking a trip to Lake Como.  it's a one hour drive from Milan  Our trip included a visit to Como and Bellagio towns.

أحد الأنشطة عند زيارة مدينة ميلانوهي زيارة بحيرة كومو الكبيرة وهي تبعد مسافة مدتها ساعة عن طريق السيارة من ميلانو.  رحلتنا تتضمن المرور وزيارة قرية كومو وقرية بيلاجيو الصغيرة الجميلة

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